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About us

What is plan management?

It is a service that provides support in helping you and your family manage funding in your NDIS plan.

How can you use us as your plan managers?

At your planning meeting, you tell NDIS staff that you would like a plan manager to support you. The NDIS will include funding in your plan to pay for your plan manager. You then contact Vitu Consulting Plan Managers directly to support you. 

Our Services

Vitu Consulting Plan Managers offer the following services to you:

Tracking of expenditure on provider supports, against your budget and notifying you when funds are running out

Providing monthly statements of your expenditure and remaining available funding

Providing a clear overview of your spending and funds remaining by providing a transparent electronic budget monitoring tool for your use

Access to real people to address your questions relating to your Plan

Claim from the NDIS in line with the price guide

Support and advice when you need it

Pay your service providers quickly

Process your expenses through our easy-to-use portal

Auto-approval to pay invoices or opt-out and manage approvals for chosen providers

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Why use Vitu Consulting Plan Managers?

Personalised Approach

Vitu Consulting’s NDIS Plan Management services provides personalised, one on one support to each individual client. Every participant has a unique personality with a unique set of outcomes they would like to achieve. We work closely with you to manage your NDIS plan funding to achieve your specific needs and fulfill your goals.

Quality of Care

We provide the highest quality care to our clients. Our plan manager genuinely cares about working with NDIS participants and their families and has a deep understanding of the NDIS system.

Transparent Communication

Vitu Consulting believe in clear, transparent communication with participants and their families. You will be kept informed at every step and we will work closely with you to ensure that all needs, goals and requirements are met.


Frequently Asked Questions

NDIS plan management is a service that provides support to NDIS participants and their families to help them navigate the NDIS system and access the services and supports they need. Plan managers work closely with participants and their families to develop a personalised funding budget to align with their NDIS plan.

Plan management include paying providers for supports delivered to participants. A plan manager will help NDIS participants and their families to monitor their funds and provide financial reporting.

To access NDIS plan management, you must first be a NDIS participant or have a family member who is a NDIS participant. You can then contact Vitu Consulting, a NDIS plan management service provider, directly.

Plan management is more flexible than the other options, you can receive services from providers that are not registered. For example, if you have a trusted service provider that is not NDIS registered, you would not be able to use NDIS funding to recoup funds if your plan was Agency managed. With Plan management, you can continue receiving these services. Vitu Consulting can claim cost from your NDIS budget as long as the prices are within the NDIS Price Guide.

NDIS plan management may be right for you if you are a NDIS participant or have a family member who is a NDIS participant, and you need help to look after your NDIS budget. Plan managers will pay service providers from your budget, keep track of your expenditure against your budget and take care of your financial planning. Contact Vitu Consulting to learn more about how they can help you.

Our NDIS plan management service is unique as we provide personalised, one-on-one support to each of our clients. We work closely with you to develop a customised budget that meets your specific requirements and goals. We provide ongoing support to help you implement and manage your budget while providing the highest quality care and advice.

You can refer someone to our Vitu Consulting by filling out the referral form on our website. Once we receive your referral, our plan manager will contact the person you referred to schedule a meeting and begin the process of managing and monitoring your budget over the course of your NDIS plan.